Contracts Possible

Capital Lease:  Arrange flex terms with depreciation benefits to you based on the cost of equipment. It is also called a Lease / Purchase. It may have an end of lease purchase of $1 to 10% of the original cost.  Title passes to you upon completion of the lease terms.

Operating Lease:  At the end of the lease equipment may be returned, purchased for its then fair market value or continue to lease on a month to month basis. Allows equipment acquisition off balance sheet and usually  used to fit annual budget requirements Must meet FASB 13 rules to qualify

Installment Loan:  Term loan agreement is based on the equipment value. This is a simple finance agreement and very common

Floating Interest Loans:  Rate is tied to treasuries or swaps allowing you the benefits of interest rate decreases

Start Up Financing:  Financing for a start up is possible with slightly different terms than an established business